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What is an eSIM?

Is the latest innovation in the mobile handset market that is set to disrupt the Global telecommunications industry. An 'embedded' SIM module that is built-in to a device and allows you to switch providers without switching SIMs! Currently only available in a few devices including the new iPhone XR, XS & XS+ and the Google Pixel 3 & 3XL. An eSIM also provides these phones with the ability to run in dual SIM mode meaning you can keep your home SIM & number active whilst overseas & use your Flexiroam eSIM for really cheap data all over the globe.

What is a microchip 'SIM sticker'?

If you haven't yet upgraded to the iPhone XR or XS but still want dual SIM capabilities, then our Microchip or 'SIM sticker' is the answer. It is a wafer thin SIM that is affixes to your home SIM with a one time application. It enables dual SIM functionality for iOS (and Android) phones by allowing you to toggle between the within the Flexiroam X App.

Do you have normal SIMs?

Yes, we do! Although we believe the dual SIM features of the Flexiroam X App are best harnessed with the eSIM & microchip, we do offer conventional SIM cards for users who don't yet own an eSIM enabled handset, or that have a handset that support two physical SIM Cards.

How do I start using data?

To start using data:

Purchase either Global Data Plan or Local Data Plan

Pick Starter Pack SIM or eSIM or Microchip

Link and activate your Starter Pack

*Enjoy data roaming with the widest coverage.

* Note: You will have to download the Flexiroam X App to link and activate your starter pack and data plan.

How Does Global Data Plan validity work?

Your Data Plan is valid for the duration stated. Any time you purchase a Global Data Plan that has a longer validity than your current plan, the validity will follow the one with longer validity. Global Data Plan validity starts from the date of purchase.

Example 1: Your current Global is valid till 30 May 2021. If a 1GB Data Plan (90 days validity) is purchased on 25 May 2021, your new plan validity will be 23 Aug 2021.

Example 2: Your current data plan is valid till 1 Feb 2022. If a 500MB Data Plan (30 days validity) is purchased on 25 May 2021, your plan validity will remain 1 Feb 2018.

Can I still receive phone calls to my home number?

If you have a dual SIM or eSIM phone, you will still receive your calls if you have nominated Flexiroam for mobile data and your home SIM to receive calls/SMS.

While using the X microchip, once you've switched to Flexiroam X network, you will not be able to receive phone calls. However, you can still receive calls via applications such as WhatsApp, Skype etc.

My phone is carrier locked, can I use Flexiroam X?

No, Flexiroam X is compatible with unlocked devices ONLY. Please unlock your device before using Flexiroam X.

How many countries is the service available in?

Flexiroam Data roaming service is available globally. Check our coverage to view the full list.

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