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As a reward, you get a: FREE Flexiroam eSIM Starter Pack

Flexiroam sell their 100MB (10 Day expiry) eSIM Starter Pack for USD $10.99 USD

We sell our 100MB (360 Day expiry) eSIM Starter Pack for USD $5

So what is the catch?

The offer is by cashback, so you will have to make a purchase via your credit card. The reason for this is to protect us against fraudulent claims.

Aside from this there are no strings, so if you have an eSIM enabled device go ahead and be one of the first to use a dual SIM iPhone with your Flexiroam eSIM

How do you claim your FREE eSIM?

  1. Add a Flexiroam X eSIM Starter Kit your shopping cart
  2. Enter the code FREESIM at checkout
  3. Your order will be marked with a $0.01 discount
  4. Activate your eSIM.
  5. Your USD $4.99 payment of will be fully refunded


Which countries have eSIM?

Does my phone have an eSIM?

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