AirTag Accessories

Hopefully you've had a chance to read our blog post on Apple's new AirTag

If so, you'll understand how useful the AirTag is for keeping track of the things you love, and you've probably even bought one yourself.

If so, you'll have quickly relaised that the AirTag comes by itself. In order to keep the AirTag secured to your keys, bags, luggage or other valuables, then you'll need something to keep it attached!

Apple's official accessories are a little expensive if you ask us! I mean don't get us wrong, we think the AirTag itself is reasonably priced, and no doubt there are any number of people willing to pay squillions for the Hermes version.

However if you can do with something that can just do the job, head over to our store to buy a:

So what are you waiting for? Go and dig out that iPhone you have lying around, download the Flexiroam X App & setup your Flexiroam Account.

Buy your Flexiroam X Starter Kit available in eSIM | SIM Card | microchip from us and we'll include 100MB of Global Data valid for 360 days.

With only a tiny amount of data being used by Find My on your iPhone you'll be able to track the location of all of your Apple AirTag devices for almost a year, wherever you are in the world!


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