Flexiroam X: Cancel Plan

Like the Low Cost Airlines we offer substantial discounts for those who are organised and purchase their Local Data Plans in advance.

However, what happens if your plans change, you encounter a family emergency or your flight is cancelled?

All those beautiful GB's are wasted and we keep your money?

(cue evil telco laugh)


Introducing the most ethical feature yet to appear in a Travel SIM:

Plan Cancellation

This feature helps you protect your travel budget by:
  • Helping you to avoid overbuying data plans that end up going unused
  • Preventing you from buying more expensive plans at the last minute
  • Enabling you to buy additional Data Plans (just in case) simply buy an additional data plan with a start date later in your trip.
  • Enables those without credit card access an easy way to top up with Data Plan while they are abroad

Plan cancellations are can be processed in the Flexiroam X App at anytime before the plan start date of the Local Data Plan starts (or has been shared) with just a few simple steps:

Select 'View my plans' from the main menu screen

Scroll down to the Data Plan you wish to cancel
Click 'Cancel Plan'
Confirm you wish to cancel the plan by clicking 'Proceed'

Confirmation that your credit is safely back in your wallet

Please note that:

Plan cancellation applies to Local & Regional Data Plans only.

Plans cannot be cancelled once they have started (at 00:00 Local time on their start date) or after any data has been shared from the plan

About Us

CallCloud are the Australian distributors of Flexiroam X, a disruptive roaming solution that pairs a 0.03mm SIM microchip with a mobile App enabling you to enjoy convenient & cost effective data roaming in over 150 countries using over 580 network providers.


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