When it comes to roaming they say mvNO!

Just like the airline industry, the advent of low cost Global roaming providers has really shaken up competition for the incumbent mobile telco's. 

Over 10% of Australians have made the switch from the traditional network operators: Telstra, Optus & Vodafone to the new kids on the block: the Mobile Virtual Network Operator or MVNO.

You probably know them better as Amaysim, Aldi Mobile, Boost Mobile, Kogan Mobile & Belong just to name a few.

These MVNO's typically sell SIM only plans to customers who have an unlocked phone. They typically offer mobile services contract free and provide great value.

They do this by piggybacking off the owners of the network infrastructure. They resell access to their network (or parts of it) and can provide low cost services by running lean operations. They keep costs down by doing away with physical stores and enable customers to self serve usually via website, chat or via an App. MVNO services are also predominantly prepaid which means less hassle and cost associated with chasing unpaid bills.

This meansVNO's typically offer great value, with unlimited calls & texts, generous data allowances & sometimes even an inclusion of international calls..

However, when it comes time for that overseas trip, it seems that very few of them provide cost effective International Roaming, (see table below)

 MVNO International Roaming Data? Cost (GB)
Amaysim YES $500 https://www.amaysim.com.au/plans/mobile-plans/international/roaming#check-roaming-rates
ALDI Mobile YES $500+ https://www.aldimobile.com.au/m3/docs/international_roaming_rates_and_providers.pdf
Belong NO NA https://www.belong.com.au/content/dam/belong/downloads/CIS-Belong-Mobile.pdf
Kogan Mobile YES $15/ DAY https://www.koganmobile.com.au/plans/mobile/international-roaming-packs/
Boost Mobile NO NA https://boost.com.au/international/#1516576348168-c606636e-65b1
Catch Connect
YES $500+ https://catchconnect.com.au/pricing-roaming
Dodo YES $1,000+ https://www.dodo.com/mobile/global-roaming-rates


Some of the providers block access entirely. (Which from the pricing you can understand why?)

They believe that when their customers travel abroad they should turn off their phone & use WiFi at their destination or go to the hassle of buying a local SIM.

But what if you don't want to spend your precious holiday time queuing up and haggling over the price of SIM Card after a tiring international flight? Why shouldn't you be able to take your phone overseas and use it without the anxiety of coming home and having to remortgage your house just to pay a ridiculous overseas roaming bill?

We can now offer you affordable & convenient global data roaming in 190 countries. Flexiroam focus only on providing 4G data for travellers like you & have established partnerships with 580 operators world wide.

CallCloud are the Australian distributors of Flexiroam, a disruptive roaming solution that pairs a 0.08mm SIM microchip with the Flexiroam X mobile app enabling you to enjoy convenient & cost effective data roaming in over 150 countries using over 580 network providers.


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